Reopening Date :

Tuesday June 2, 2020

 Thank you for your patience! We are currently reaching out to everyone who texted and called during the shut down to start the scheduling process. We will be going through our waiting list first before we schedule any new clients. 

Please read through our updated Contamination Procedures for a better understanding of how our barbershop will operate going forward. 

The Burly Barber COVID-19 Contamination Procedures


  • Clients must check themselves for symptoms before booking an appointment. If clients have any of the below listed symptoms they will not be allowed entry to the business. 

    • Fever

    • Shortness of breath

    • Dry cough

    • Runny nose

    • Sore throat

    • Loss of taste or smell 

  • No client will receive service that has traveled commercially within 14 days of their appointment time. If you have questions regarding this statement please ask our staff at the time of making your appointment. Local transportation services ie Uber, Lyft, city bus, etc are exempt from this statement. Meaning that your direct commute to our business is not our concern, our concern is of longer duration travel ie flights, interstate travel via bus rides etc. 

  • All clients will read and sign provided consent form (also available to read on our Facebook page)

  • By signing the consent form you are subject to protection protocol(s). These protocols and their execution as well as the results and data are under the sole discretion of the staff of The Burly Barber, and may include, but are not limited to:

    • Temperature Check

    • Smell test

    • Any officially certified or verified: active, inactive or antibody testing procedures

    • Any un-officially certified or verified active, inactive, or antibody testing procedures

  • Clients and barbers will wear face masks during the entire duration of the client’s visit. Clients must have over the ear style masks before they are granted entry into the business. If clients do not have a mask or the correct style of mask, one will be available for a surcharge of $1.00. This fee is only to cover the cost of the proper PPE, and service(s) will be cancelled with no additional charge if the client chooses not to follow the protocol.

  • All clients will receive disinfected hair protective barriers for their service(s) listed below:

    • Clean and disinfected cutting cape (no capes will be re-used from client to client)

    • Clean and disinfected cloth or paper barrier (neck strip/towels)

  • All implements will be cleaned and disinfected before, during, and after all barbering procedures and services

  • All non-porous surfaces will be disinfected in between each client utilizing proper anti-viral solutions.

  • No client will be allowed to wait for their appointment inside the barbershop. 

  • Only clients with an appointment and proper PPE will gain access to the business to limit how many persons are in the barbershop at any given time. 

    • No friends/family or significant others 

    • No walk-ins

    • No pets

    • Children are permitted to enter under the supervision of an adult, given that the adult or child has made an appointment as well as informing the staff of The Burly Barber regarding the total number of persons arriving. 

  • If any persons have an underlying medical concern, please address with our staff when booking your appointment. 

  • Hand sanitizer as well as soap and running water will be available for client and barber use.

  • All common areas in the barbershop will be devoid of transitional furniture and accouterments:

    • Waiting room chairs

    • Tables

    • Children’s toys

    • Drinks

    • Candy

  • Bathrooms will be closed to the public.

  • At this time and for the foreseeable future, no facial services will be provided. This is at the sole discretion of The Burly Barber owners and staff. This includes but is not limited to:

    • Beard trims

    • Facial shaves

    • Eyebrow trims or shaves

    • Ear and nose hair removal

  • We will be changing our scheduling protocols as well. We will only book up to one week out and all appointments must be made via text or phone call on the barbershop phone. We will not make appointments via our business Facebook page, our personal cell phones, or personal Facebook profiles.  Questions regarding this statement should be brought up at the time of scheduling. 

Our goal is to make sure that our clients as well as our staff are as safe as possible during these unusual times. We base these procedures and protocols on CDC guidelines as well as personal knowledge of microbiology and virology. These procedures and protocols are subject to change at the sole discretion of The Burly Barber owners and staff dependent on information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Thank you sincerely from the bottom of our hearts for reading, understanding and following these procedures and protocols during these trying times.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Barbers

The Burly Barber

Jessica Miller and John Timson

Located at 

764 W Broadway Road Tempe Az 85282

On Broadway Rd west of Mill Ave

Next to Burger Rush

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